SP3 Database Install

Way cool. I was hoping for this… the database install time from our Preprod Admin VM slice took 47 minutes (100 gig db approximately). So today I ran the database upgrade only from NodeA, one of the physical servers. The database is almost identical since we sync them periodically. Guess the time the database portion took? 13 minutes!!!

Can you say, “Throughput Issues on  VM”!!!!

One thought on “SP3 Database Install

  1. I believe @ BbWorld, Blackboard’s own Performance Team estimated only 50-70% throughput depending on the type of VM used.
    Need 1.5x to 2x the number of VM machines to equal the number of physical machines concerned me. Upgrades taking longer to complete never crossed my mind (nevermind they’d take 3.6x longer).
    I bet siapi imports would take significantly longer as well. Probably all the known intense processes like making section archives (in Vista 4 at time of download) or making templates fall into this trap.
    VM sounds great for email, DNS, and web servers where its a ton of small transactions. When the application requires a ton of cycles per transaction, it seems VM products bog down.

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