Tommorrow Notre Dame is going to SP 3

Even though I applied SP1 and SP2 of Application Pack 2 on Wednesday this week, “it was a quiet week at Notre Dame du Lac”, and we had no problems with applying SP3 in Development or Preproduction (Thursday and Friday), I am dreading the upgrade tomorrow.

There seem like a mounting number of post-install checks and confirms to be done and my checklist also seems so slapdash. Just today I read on the listserve that the file  at AP2 which should have changed for the update from BEA 8.15 to 9.2 -didn’t. Some Admins noticed errors. It was tracked down, not sure whether Bb did it or the other Admins. The point is, I didn’t know this, didn’t notice it, and may be running servers which are handicapped by this. Maybe they ARE throwing errors I inadvertently clumped in with all the benign ones? How much time have I spent in the logs this past semester? Not enough, it seems.

At the rate we’ve been slapping updates on, I am barely getting the hang of one version before it becomes imperative to move to another. After this one I am definitely pushing for a moratorium on patching!