Supported Browsers?

I was in Behind the Blackboard, in the KnowledgeBase, Application Pack 2 zone searching this term “supported browsers” so that I could say something definitive to our Help Desk about AP2 SP2, to which we hope to upgrade Jan. 3rd.

What to my wondering eyes should appear… but this link under the label “browsers,” a link reading, “How should I configure my browsers?”

Within which was the fine advice to go here (a known and beloved site) for supported browser information: And so I clicked.

Ah, the link for supported browsers, number 2 in the known and beloved table on the righthand side:

Yeah verily, I then found the latest row in the table is for AP2 with a note next to IE7 (Note 2), saying , “Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla 1.6 & 1.7, Firefox, AOL 9 browsers, where listed, may require an up-to-date Hotfix or Service Pack to be installed on the WebCT CE or WebCT Vista server. If you experience issues using these browsers, please contact your system administrator to ensure your WebCT installation has the latest update installed.”

This was precisely what I was wondering. At which of those Hotfixes, Service Packs, were IE7 issues resolved? Which issues? Perhaps none? I have read the resolved issues doc for both SP1 and SP2.. Although this is not the same as a definitive list of browsers supported under a particular SP1. And what about Java versionS? What is the latest now supported?

Does anyone know? Would anyone care to join me in suggesting a less circuitous navigation route to this information suitable for consuming by friendly, though often tightly wound, course management administrators?