SCT Sungard and Blackboard II

New information. You’ll be happy to learn that SCT Sungard does have PowerPoint presentations for Vista 3… one product above the ancient creaking WebCT CE 3 or 4 product (from which yesterday’s screen capture came). And one product below the latest major version.

So, Sungard may have PowerPoint presentations for Vista 4 as well, representing an effort to internally communicate their knowledge of how their product integrates with Blackboard Vista versions. And of course, these presentations would also function as talking points with institutions who are both SCT Sungard and Blackboard clients.

What may have happened yesterday is that the Sungard rep jumped to conclusions or grabbed the first PowerPoint in the file directory …

We can now ponder whether documentation in the form of standard indexed pdfs is available between the organizations for mutual internal training? Whether perhaps powerpoint presentations can be so indexed and cross-referenced as to provide internal company training?

For my part, I would like to see more robust end-to-end client configuration guides for the integration of these products. These guides would contain testing information and alternate configurations possible… As far as I can tell, this is a thing of dreamland.