SCT Sungard and Blackboard

I’ve heard rumors, and I hope they’re true, that Blackboard and SCT Sungard, in fact, Blackboard and all their SIS integration partners (Peoplesoft and Datatel mostly) are forming stronger alliances.

I will know this is true when both parties know the others product well enough to assist in end-to-end troubleshooting. They’ll speak each others language.

An experience yesterday made my hopes seem ridiculous and childish. (Ezra, if you’re reading this, …maybe I am drinking the koolaid?)

We have got to get SCT Sungard’s attention! Three years ago we had a service engagement with them after adopting the then WebCT Vista 3 product. SCT Sungard’s consultant showed up with intimate knowledge of the WebCT Campus Edition product, knew nothing about Vista, and claimed that the two were virtually identical. That was three years ago, we were frustrated, but merely shrugged our shoulders.

Yesterday …yesterday, an SCT Sungard consultant (hey, called in by a direct cellphone call from Blackboard, so at least that was an improvement) sent us this screencap from their documentation and asked if we could send them our settings from this screen to assist in their troubleshooting. I wonder if they even have a Vista 4 version of this presentation. Or why not a real document? Maybe the two enterprises are still negotiating on who would write it?


One thought on “SCT Sungard and Blackboard

  1. Its such goood Kool-Aid. Mary Maier, SungardHE, brought a Vista 3 version to a 2005 presentation. So I know Vista versions exist. 🙂

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