December 4th, Tuesday, Journal Entry

Last night’s “Heroes” binge (3 Netflix episodes in a row) took us up to 11pm. 6 hours of sleep. Not enough for me. 8am. in the chair. Computer cranked up. Got to get my head around today’s priorities… let’s see, start with a to-do list:

-Rescue files from the failed Vista3 section migration. After 5 tries, file renaming, zip file removing, there’s nothing left to try. Just move the pieces I can so the Prof. can get started on design for Spring 2008’s hybrid Marketing course. Probably should abandon my plan of last try on the other 15 failures and just notify the Instructors. 15 failures out of 650 migrations is not that bad.

-Work with Luminis Admins on LMB connection in PPRD. Too bad Sunday’s Oracle maintenance was right on the heels of our app upgrade of SP1 and SP2, makes it hard to troubleshoot. Maybe if they just delete any CMS subscribers? My connection attempt should recreate the correct one.

-Once PPRD LMB connection back up, I need to finish the Regression Validation of our customizations with Banner: SSB forms for Instructors to create Supersections, Transfer content from one semester to another, and open their section dates at will when they want students to see them. My TestPlan is only one iteration old; yesterday I found myself doing double duty: doing the regression testing AND tweaking the testplan at the same time.

-Meanwhile, I haven’t returned Jane Himmel’s email. She graciously pointed me to North Texas’ CMS evaluation materials and central LMS eval site which are helping Notre Dame construct our reporting format for our wealth of evaluation data and analysis. Collaboration: rock on.

-I have a feeling it’s that time in the semester to send an email to Instructors reminding them student’s won’t see their grades unless they release the My Grades tool to them. Gotta check with Training and Support, I think we crafted some email releases and when I’m supposed to send them. Don’t want to mess up the timeline.

-Okay, time to check email. There will be some support requests there I need to triage.

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  1. My guess is the rate would be somewhat less if the restore is done on Vista 4.2.3, a SWAG of course. …Our backup/ restores have been going on over a 6 month period on varying platforms 4.0.3, 4.1.1, and 4.2. Are you thinking of trying the database migration utility?

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