Switcher / Evaluation Resources

tareyton05_thumb I’ve been doing my own research on Institutions who’ve gone through CMS evaluations in the past 2 years and have published resources on the web.

So far, these are the best sites:

UCLA CMS Planning Report August 15, 2007(not technically a ‘switcher’ report since they have already agreed upon Moodle but a good report on the data that took them there).

Montana State LMS Evaluation Committee Site 2006-2007. They’ve already put together a good resource site, which includes the specific links I have here as well as some more. In fact, as far as websites go, I can probably stop here. You’ll see they have links to Idaho State’s Moodle Pilot site (which was the result of a decision based on survey data); Educause articles. MIT’s peer comparision of CMS costs and practices from Jan 9, 2007; CSU Chico’s Final Committee Report from Oct. 20, 2006; and recent Campus Technology articles.

I’ll cover some blog spots in my next post. In fact, I think I’ll update the side widget “CMS Resources Across the Web” over to the right of this blog.


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