Are you in your right mind?

It’s my blog… so here’s another of my off-topic driftings…

You are seeing this dancer spinning either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Which is it? It’s a simple right or left brain dominant quiz. And can you ‘make’ the dancer start to spin the other direction by glancing away and focusing?

Do you have your answer? Okay, now, go to this site to discover more about how your brain works: 

When I first took the quiz yesterday, the dancer was spinning clockwise and try as I could, I could not see her spinning any other direction. Today at work it’s the same and I can’t get her, try as I might, to spin the other direction! (My husband said he was able to change her direction a couple of times by concentrating and glancing away). Are readers of this blog predominantly right-brained or left-brained?

4 thoughts on “Are you in your right mind?

  1. Totally Left Brainer… To the point where I was trying to use logic to dismiss the fact that she could spin both ways. I just cant see it!
    Like it!

  2. Mostly I see her spinning clockwise, but I can usually ‘make’ see her spin counter-clockwise after watching from my peripheral vision for a few moments.
    (And still haven’t convinced myself that it’s actually for real.)

  3. Got her going both ways at will now! I use the foot flat on the floor to make the direction swap.

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