Section Search for Admins …so annoying

Frequently I do section searches and then use the Action Link dropdown menu to one-by-one check sourced.ids or  check whether the section knows it’s a child section of a crosslist. Sometimes I’ve created several sections for special uses and I’m going to change the sourced.ids or the long description to differentiate these sections from accredited SIS-integrated sections…

So, I do a search. Out of the returns I begin to click the ActionLink dropdown and select ‘Edit Properties’ … The first time I do this, the screen is presented with all fields available for editing. Never again. Only the 1st time.

I return to my search results, select the next section, the ActionLink, the ‘Edit Properties’ or even ‘View Information’ and I get this stupid screen:


Why? This can’t be as designed. Has anyone else seen this bug? We’re Oracle 10g on Solaris and this is Bb Vista 4.2 HF 1