Documentation on Installs vs Upgrades

I’ve been doing this for a long time … but my interpretive filters must’ve been clogged back in August when I  * read * the install guide for Bb Vista 4.2. [Word by word. Literally. With intention. Concentration. Malice aforethought even.]

I could’ve sworn it specified a separate script to upgrade the 3rd node of our small three node cluster. We have two node development and preproduction clusters, so I had no environment on which to run a trial with that script.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Eventually -and we are talking 6 weeks later- I figured out you only need to use the if you are INSTALLING for the first time more than 2 nodes. Node 3 or Node 53 would  be installed with that script. But not upgraded. If the cluster already knows about the node, if it’s an upgrade, this script is superfluous.

The documentation has tended to  be unclear on its use of the language Upgrade vs Install … It also tends to confuse actions done on the Admin node versus Managed Nodes.

It’s a good thing we’re professionals here. Many observers claim we don’t read at all. For pete’s sake, we claim we don’t read at all. “RTFM” we tell each other.

If this stuff from Bb is an example of the reading material I have to look forward to, is it any wonder we just make it up as we go? Figure it out ourselves?

I know. I should’ve asked someone.

Oh well. I installed the 3rd node Monday the regular way. Three months after the fact. I did an application only, upgrade, and I slapped AP2 and a Hotfix on without restarting in between since the rest of my cluster was at that level. Of course you also have to know all the undocumented ‘features’ -like the size of the database field for the Admin DNS name, so put the IP address in if your DNS name is overly long; and find a copy of the missing , slap that into your /WebCTDomain. Don’t forget your SSL cert paths get wiped out of your Chat-Serverconfig.xml. Oh, and the classpath for the Weblogic patches in needs changing too; still refers to weblogic 8.