Part II: North Iowa Area Community College CMS Switch

Question: What did you move to?

Bruce McKee: To try to make a long story shorter we decided for a variety of reasons to move to ANGEL Learning, . You can request a “sandbox” course to play in and try it yourself.

Question: What unexpected problems did you find in the new product? Any nasty surprises?

Bruce: “So far, things have been good. Of course there are a few bumps in the road, but the ANGEL support team has been wonderful and quickly resolved every problem we have had. The system was easy to install and there was a lot of hand-holding by ANGEL support to get us up and running (plan 2-3 months for this process). There is also a very good admin listserve with very knowledgeable users that have great ideas. There is an import utility to migrate exported WebCT courses (Editor: He means CE 4.x), but every single course needed a lot of clean up. However – for the most part the quizzes and exams and associated image files came in fine. We are using a lot of “publisher” courses with content provided by the publisher. None of the courses that required publisher access codes in WebCT exported. We could go in and export quizzes/exams one at a time, but had no interest in doing this. In all cases we went back to the publishers and requested content in a format for ANGEL. The Thompson publishing companies were best at meeting our request. Some courses were not available from the publisher for ANGEL and the instructors had to rebuild the courses or change textbooks. I understand that Blackboard courses import very well (Editor: Bb Academic Suite).”