More on Marvelously Detailed Math Instructor…

One of my reader’s suggested using Oracle LogMiner to find out when the Assessment settings were changed, even straight sql queries of the database to locate the assessments and see the date/time stamp of when they were changed…

Edward, I’m still thinking our DBAs would find this too trivial to become involved in. The good news is that we did an application restart (related to JVM memory issues) last Friday. I quickly called the Instructor and asked him to check his quiz settings again. They did not change. Ergo, it was the database maintenance, applying the Oracle July 2007 Critical Patch Update for Oracle 10g. I would still like to find the time to see that emphatically demonstrated in database records since I do have select rights on the database and have done some rudimentary sql queries out of PL/SQL developer, but that probably won’t happen. At least I am fairly confident that we have no other Instructors utilizing variables in their assessment questions, in which they calculate potential values of that variable in order to randomize what the students answer would be.

This was a very narrow escape and simply emphasizes that our application support model is woefully needful of restructuring and more resources!


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