PIDs on Vista 4.2 HF 1 Application Server

Can you spell J-A-V-A  M-e-m-o-r-y L-e-a-k? Notice the consecutive PIDs of Java processes together utilizing 48.7% of the entire server’s memory?

3 thoughts on “PIDs on Vista 4.2 HF 1 Application Server

  1. Actually, that looks perfectly normal to me. Threads are akin to processes in Linux so they appear in top (also known as Light Weight Processes, LWP). If you were to take a Java thread dump, you could match the PID (convert to hex) with the nid identifier for each of the threads listed.
    There’s no hiding from us Blackboard lurkers anywhere 😉

  2. Danny, Lurk on. Lurk on. If I understand you correctly, the “PIDS” reported on the bottom will match up with the 25 threads vista creates at startup? What about the memory usage in the top screen grab? Our sys admin said the readings taken together are indicative of a memory leak. I woulda thunk they would know…

  3. Well there are more threads than that. There are 15 for the WebLogic kernel, 25 for the PrimaryExecuteQueue, plus threads that do internal WebLogic stuff etc, and all bets are off with WebLogic 9.2 because the thread pools are self-tuning and don’t have a fixed number.
    Given a 1536 heapsize plus overhead, just under 2GB is exactly where we expect the main application to be. See my recent post regarding the heapsize limitation on the user list…

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