Instructor reports Quiz settings reset after application restart

One of our Marvelously Detailed Math Instructors sent me this: I have reset all my settings for student score to “Release the score after the assessment has been submitted” to every Math quiz in my 12 sections this semester. That is a 12×13 = 156 quizzes to check through.

I am pretty sure the settings were changed after this weekend’s application restart. They had reverted the to their default setting “Do not release the score to the student.”

Please let me know if the matter could be resolved. Another outage and resetting of the desired settings will need a lot of time to fix.”

I believe him. How do I test?

2 thoughts on “Instructor reports Quiz settings reset after application restart

  1. “Marvelously Detailed Math Instructors”: reminds me of the statisticians in the warstory about the 500-mile email:
    A few thoughts about the quiz settings problem:
    Your earlier post said that database maintenance also took place. Lacking other details, I’d probably consider the database maintenance as a suspect as well as the application restart.
    I think there are a few ways you might be able to find out when the settings were changed, if you know where they’re stored in the database:
    * Some of the WebCT tables have a field that indicates when the record was last updated.
    * Oracle has a LogMiner tool. I’ve never used it, but I think it should be able to find out when a record was changed.
    * On a test system you could restore the database to various points in time, doing a binary search to find the point when the settings were changed.

  2. Edward,
    I’m going to start with restoring a backup of the course to the test system and just restarting the app… at least that will give us, hopefully, some peace of mind that it won’t happen everytime the app is restarted. Restoring the db would involve our DBAs who may think this issue too trivial to devout time to.

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