Default Settings May Change After Reboot? Waiting to confirm…

Report yesterday  by one of Our Wonderfully Detailed Professors of Math:

He has 12 sections of Math… He uses the Assessment tool. He is the only one with permissions to edit the settings corresponding with each Assessment.

The Default setting for the release of an Assessment Grade to students is, “Do not release the score.

He does not use this setting, instead, he consistently chooses, “Release the score after the assessment has been submitted.”

He called me this morning after a student complained he couldn’t see his score. His findings?

Every single one of his quizzes, including quizzes already graded and no longer available to students, had their settings reverted to the DEFAULT. Each section has 13 quizzes. That’s 156 quizzes to adjust.

What changed? The only thing I can think of is that we restarted the application yesterday after Oracle database maintenance. Very scarey. I’ll keep you posted.