Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

I have no idea where this phrase came from. I suppose I should look it up… but I think it describes this sensation I have — now that the semester has started, the servers are humming along, JMS integration components all seem to be staying put on NodeA. Add/Drop period is over… — this sensation that something wicked is lurking out there, something I should know about, something that should be apparent to me …

What’s going to break next?

So, I’m checking logs as often as I can, even leaving a screen open tailing the webct.log

This new one I’m seeing is really getting to me. What is it? How do I find out what course it applies to? Or does it apply to several? WHAT IS IT? Does it mean doom somewhere down the line?…

“Error:Indent Level is -2 for MenuComponet Week 6: October 1, which exceds lower bound.”

So far, I’ve only seen “Week 6: October 1,” in the logs. One course, one entry? An error everytime someone accesses the course perhaps?


One response to “Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

  1. Have you run reports on the tracking? Mostly we are asked to run them on a user to see what a students, instructor, and even an instructor is doing.
    However, I have run reports on specific activity. If you are right that its content in a section, then it should pop up? You could narrow it down to several sections at worst.

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