The labor intensive workaround (for you) to what Course links Instructional Designers See (Part III)

So… now what I have to do is put Instructional Designers on an email list (once I figure out who they are) to let them know the Faculty they work with should no longer add them as Instructional Designers to crosslists…but that I will do it for them. You can email the Faculty too, but they may be distracted by other things during the time frame you need them to pay attention to this issue.

The problem is usually that neither the Instructional Designers nor the Instructors themselves are aware their course is crosslisted… But if you can get past that you could be proactive.

Or just handle the support calls as they come in. (Be sure you get user id and the section code they believe they should see…)

1. In User Manager look up the user id of the Instructional Designer, if they already see “Cross Listed Course Section” on their My Blackboard page. Note down the number of the Cross Listed Course.

2. Unenroll the Instructional Designer from the cross-listed course section. If you check their enrollments again, you’ll see not only did that course number disappear, but one of the single sections did too. The one they told you they wanted to be enrolled in.

3. Go to the child section learning context and add the Instructional Designer directly to the child section. Now they see a link that makes sense to them.