Trickle Down Effect : Crosslists Again (Part I)

This post sets the scenario.

Your Registrar at your institution crosslists different course codes so that a student needing a certain credit for their program can sit in another Program’s course and get credit not for that program, but for the Program they need it for.

Your Instructors usually don’t know this is happening.

Some of them utilize the services of an amazing group of professionals, the Instructional Designers. These people know web technologies and pedagogy and assist Faculty in meeting their teaching and learning outcomes.

How do Instructional Designers gain access to an Instructor’s course? The Instructor adds them using the Gradebook “Enroll User” function.

What does the Instructional Designer see the next time they log into Blackboard Vista to begin their design work for that Faculty member?

If they are designing several courses that semester, as they likely do, what do they see on their My Blackboard page?