Undocumented Post Install Tasks AP 4.2

  • Your config.xml file has moved. Ya. It’s now at <your path>/bea92/weblogic92/config/WebCTDomain/config/config.xml (The first config folder is Weblogic. The subfolder of the WebCTDomain is the Vista config folder).
  • In ./WebCTDomain/customconfig/ is your startup.properties file. Change your ADMIN_IP from a DNS name to the IP address. There seems to be a limit to the field length in the database where ADMIN_IP is stored. If your DNS name is longer than that, this can fail. Just use your IP address to be on the safe side.
  • In ./WebCTDomain/customconfig/Chat-Server.xml be sure and change the file paths for the Cert and Key. They got wiped out. The @….@ stuff is NOT a variable. It’s a placeholder for your real file path (use the entire path). Check for certs and full paths in the ./WebCTDomain/config/config.xml as well (only edit if the application cluster is down, otherwise you’ll want to do it in the Weblogic Console, which, at 9.2, is really different).
  • In ./WebCTDomain/scripts/jython/Lib and also just in the ./WebCTDomain folder, copy in the wlstProfile.py file you get from one of the Support Bulletins on Behind the Blackboard for JMS server migration. We have a development and a preproduction environment. Preproduction has this file in both locations and JMS servers migrate … Development only has this file in the ./WebCTDomain folder and JMS servers do not migrate when the Node is shut down… Your mileage may vary…
  • If you’re a Banner-integrated school using the LMB, your configuration settings at both the server and the institution levels need to be re-entered.
  • Another thing to check in the config.xml : Does the <server> entry for each node have a user-preferred record which points to the same node? If not, make certain it points to the same node.
  • When all is good, maybe a week later, go back and remove the now outmoded bea815/weblogic81 application path and recover your application server space.
  • Even if you don’t intend to use the new feature "Terms" (Institution, Utilities, Settings, Administration column, Terms), you DO need to know that the default settings under Administration, Learning Context need to be evaluated and that there is a stupid stupid correlation between those settings and whether Section DESIGNERS can click on the Student View in their Sections and see what they need to. If students can’t access the sections then Section Instructors and Designers will also get an Unexpected System Exception error when clicking on the Student View tab.

…Documented is the one about checking the startup.properties to make certain the Weblogic password didn’t revert from the one you set in the Weblogic console…

PS. Did anyone notice the passwords stored in the config.xml file are now encrypted? That’s kinda cool…