More Bad News On CrossLists

You can’t use the "Copy Section" to roll a past semester’s content forward into a new semester’s xlist. It either gets stuck in "Reassign" state where it can’t even be deleted through the UI, or, it does get marked for deletion, no longer appears in the UI, but can not be recreated either!

1. Write a perl script (with DB link so you don’t have to look up your variables) to create the xml you’ll need to de-crosslist the xlist child sections. Run the xml with a siapi command line.
2. Once the xlist parent no longer has dependent children, use the copy section feature, or write another script to use an existing section as a template and associate it to the parent. (I’m not completely sure but I think this requires actually deleting the xlist parent and then assigning template content as you recreate the xlist parent).
3. Okay, 3rd script: Creates the <membership> records to reassign the xlist children to the parent which now contains the content you wanted it to have in the first place.

There are still some anomalies but this seems to work 98% of the time.