Faculty CMS Testing Group Results

We had 6 hours. We started with Design tasks like:

Upload a syllabus.
Add a content file.
Create an HTML file.
Edit an HTML file.

These were taken from the Table of Contents of the Designer’s Reference Guide, the 800 page tome. We moved to teach tasks and then to student tasks, and finally to the Gradebook and other teach tasks around student created learning artifacts.

What I’m really saying is that we grazed the surface. We skimmed along. We found very few real bugs, not even ones I knew existed. We found some inconsistencies… that was it.

But I did find out how Greg, Leo, Arthur, and David think about and use our course management system. And we all knew it was a start. And I found out something about each of them: they depend on this system and they want to know more about how it works. Even to be willing to fit testing into their otherwise busy schedules. We all knew we were just setting the stage for next time.

The worst part and the best part were all the notes we took. Collating will take some time; as we all know: if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.