What I dream about Crosslists

  • that as a CMS Admin I can delete the automatically created ones when necessary
  • that I can re-combine existing cross-lists and other sections as suits the Instructor’s section management style
  • that the decisions made between a Department and the Registrar are transparent to the Instructor such that s/he knows that they are teaching a class that can be registered for under, oh say, Computer Applications, or Values in Technology, or whatever the next Program can utilize from existing offerings.
  • that deleted crosslists stay deleted
  • that re-assigning content (copy section content) from one xlist to another one succeeds 100% of the time, not the reverse.
  • that child sections have traceability for Administrators through the GUI to their parent section. Currently it takes gymnastics and multiple interfaces to find the parent of a given child section. Formerly I would enroll myself in one of the child sections, enter the section itself, and read the upper right hand corner of the section banner. Not now, the Cross-List Group does not appear there if you’ve chosen the setting to remove the redundant Course-Section title from the My Courses homepage display(!).
  • that a primary or original course home is defined for a cross-list perhaps by the Registrar, so that statistics and reporting for particular courses can include those courses which are cross-listed. Reporting on Crosslists as though it were its own College is not particularily helpful.
  • that parent sections could inherit the category (department) of that primary child to further enhance reporting and locating them.