The First Ever Faculty CMS Testing Group at Notre Dame

Are there any Functional Users, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) at your institution who put a new release of your course management system through its paces before you release it on your unsuspecting campus?

With #;& bugs, and Assignment Dropboxes becoming unusable if a student submits an assignment and then drops the course, and Learning Module Table of Content displays needing an extra radio button click to nicely display the first item, and Java version issues too numerous to mention… well,  we all could go on (…and probably should after hours with a good Sangiovesi or Sam Adams in hand…).

The list of new bugs doesn’t seem to end.

All the other enterprise systems on our campus have a group of functional users who put the software through its paces in a preproduction environment before anyone even decides the release is fit for our campus.

Next week we begin with 5 brave souls.

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