Why give ePortfolio resources when you’re not using it?

It makes no sense. It really doesn’t.

Notre Dame did not purchase the ePortfolio product. But when the Vista 4 application installs, it creates tables and database jobs (requiring processor threads when they run) and starts up a pool of database connections when the product you did buy is started.

Notre Dame doesn’t want to give these ePortfolio components any resources for a product we didn’t purchase.

So, today I followed Louis Scott’s advice (Purdue University) and changed the webctconnectionpool$PF connection pool parameters. I’m still getting used to the Weblogic Consolve of 9.2 And since I was already reducing the database connection pool to nothing, I decided to heed some more advice and remove all database jobs owned by the portfolio schema owner, webct$PF. (At Notre Dame this will take a few days… I have to make a formal request of a DBA, which gets scheduled in a queue, but it will happen.)

That oughta put the resources back where they belong: on the product we did purchase.

Here’s where you want to go in the Weblogic Console if you decide these resources are being misallocated: