The Meeting’s LineUp Was Incredible BbWorld07

It was Notre Dame 3, Blackboard 7 at the 2 o’clock meeting today.

Somewhat intimidating …but at least they weren’t wearing ties. And they invited us to talk.

When Blackboard called before the conference to set up this meeting, I wasn’t really sure what it would be about. It felt strange not to have a Notre Dame Deputy CIO, or at least a Director, sitting at the table. Only me, Brandon and Tracya…

We met Craig Chanoff, Vice President of Client Services; he apologized due to another commitment. Staying to listen further were:

Len Norten, Vice President Client Support
Richard Caccavale, Senior Director of Solutions Engineering
Kurt Ackman, Regional Vice President
John Fontaine, Senior Director of Engineering Services
Matt Painter, Director, Client Support
Justin Beck, Regional Sales Manager

I’ll tell you who really wow’ed me: John Fontaine. He seemed to know what I was thinking before I spoke it outloud. After Notre Dame talked pretty much non-stop most of the hour, he talked to us about Blackboard’s engineering process in a way that drew me in, provided me with facts to assess for myself whether it would make a difference to the quality of the product, allowed me to assess for myself when on the event horizon Blackboard might be able to solve some of Notre Dame’s burning issues. So, I’m assessing. And today… I liked what I saw.

One thought on “The Meeting’s LineUp Was Incredible BbWorld07

  1. Did you drink the Blackboard Kool-Aid? 😀
    We had some similar meetings. John, like always, was quite impressive.
    Bob Alcorn really shined in our one meeting and his DevCon keynote.

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