Monday at BbWorld 07 Boston

It was “Podcasters for Educators” with my recent acquaintance Kevin Reeve from Utah State. The handout alone was worth it. What was surprising to me was the interest (25 Educators/Instructional Designers in the room). even though we echoed the question from time to time, “Is this a fad, or a trend?”

When I finish this post I’m going to check out iTunes U and some of the podcasts Stanford, Texas A&M and others have made publically available. (Download iTunes app and navigate through their store for the free content).

But that was only half my day. The other half required I get up and get going in the Boston coastal chill and rain.

I took the Trolley.

…To the Harbor.

Saw the USS Constitution, nicknamed Old Ironsides, (incredible disappointment that like many museums, the tour of the ship is closed on Mondays!). This ship is still on active duty. Still manned by active Navy Officers and crew. It has never been defeated. Fought engagements on the Barbary Coast of North Africa and in the War of 1812. The nickname comes from the 35 minute battle with the HMS Guerriere off the coast of Nova Scotia. Survivors of the Guerrierre, after the USS Constitution sank it, when fished out of the waters, told of seeing their cannon balls “bounce” off the sides. They thought it had been made of iron. In fact, the hull was made out of 22 inch think Georgia Live Oak. Back in the day. Through numerous restorations, it is estimated the ship today is only 10% of its original self. This history is worth reading. For a larger rendering of the USS Constitution, click on it.

Then I hiked an hour back from the Harbor to get to my session. It was a brisk walk. And hot by that time.