Still Having Fun at BbWorld 07

And learning not to be apologetic about it either. Yeah.

Today I went to product overviews for some Vista/CE interoperable products, that is, products which extend the functionality of the main course management system. There was Blackboard Community Manager in the morning … I’m going to call it a portal. (Sorry Blackboard, that’s what it is). And Blackboard Content Manager in the afternoon. The Content Manager is what it sounds like, a content management system. And it answers a cry that has resounded at Notre Dame for a L O N G time. Course file space. And more. Courses can share files. Groups created on the fly can share files. Instructors can share files. The Institution can maintain files. Might have applicability. That’s all I’m sayin’. Might.

So then I took a tour bus around. Here’s two photos from Fanueil Market last night and one from the tour.

still life come alive

street performer And got lots of great history. Some to make you cry. This one always does, if you know the story of the 54th regiment.

Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th