Lament on Blackboard Integration with SCT Banner

With SCT Banner you integrate
Course sections, enrollments, will never be late
All is well, All is calm, to the Provost relate

The drama unfolds when Blackboard steps in
Banner and Blackboard do not speak as kin
The horizon looks dim, the vista looks worse
More money is bled out of your purse.

Each time you upgrade
The settings are lost
To get this right, what is the cost?
But technical support has none of the blame
Clearly development and management carry the shame.

Your jar files, you guess, might be out of date
Their names: imq, mbclient, from SCT of late
Are augmented clearly by Blackboard’s own.
But on 4.2, where is lmsclient you moan?

To Behind the Blackboard, that darkened zone
Turn your attention to the documents cloned.
For Solaris, for Linux, for Windows too.
On SQL, on Oracle, by folks with no clue.

Of integration, of SCT, what do they say?
Nothing you didn’t learn the first day.
Of architecture, Of changes
Of lmsclient going away?
Nothing, nothing to learn of today.
It’s helpless. It’s fruitless. What can I say?

Time for the meeting, to compare side by side
All contenders, all vendors, along for the ride
Scalable, integratable. Extensible. How sensible.
We’re on a quest. I say this, no jest:
To find the One who will meet us with Pride.

One thought on “Lament on Blackboard Integration with SCT Banner

  1. Bravo!
    I can’t help thinking of something on the lines of “800 bugs… in the land of darkness to bind them” or “Three CMS’s for Open Source….”

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