CrossList Nightmare (Top 5 reasons Crosslists Suck)

Those who aren’t Course Management Admins probably have NO idea how hard it is to administer crosslists (those sections which students can register for under multiple departments and which Bb Vista aggregates as children into a ‘parent’ section, usually with the complicity of one’s SIS). And the rest of you please nod with me as I cry on your shoulder-

5. Instructors often have no idea their course is cross-listed, so it’s always something an Admin has to research before acting on their support ticket for, say, BIO-101 section 1. And if  Instructors make a request for content to be copied to the current semester, we now have to research whether the ‘from’ section is a cross-list and whether the ‘to’ section is a cross-list in order to find the content to copy. (Notre Dame does have these requests automated, but it doesn’t always work so the remediation is more difficult).

4. Vista stores the XList parents in a separate group, so you won’t see it in with the regular sections for a specific course. …Wouldn’t it be great if the SIS could specify a ‘main’ listing, or even if Vista accepted the first child in as the main listing and put the parent under that course?

3. Cross-listed children do not report the sourcedID of their parent Xlist.

2. In Vista 4.2 one can not access section properties (Edit Properties) during a reset or reassignment of content. If the process gets stuck, there’s no way in the user interface to find the sourcedIDs to delete. When it happens to a crosslist, it’s much worse because although you can see the children with the “Reset Failed” marker, you have to return to your SIS in order to track down the parent section sourcedID, in any case, none of them can be acted on, and no information can be retrieved through the GUI.

But the Award for #1 Reason CrossLists Suck goes to…

In Vista 4.2 if you specify at the Institutional level that you want the My Blackboard Course List to display only the Section Title, not the Course Title as well, ie display not %1 %C (ACCT-202 ACCT-202-01) but only %C (ACCT-202-01) for a cleaner interface, then the display of the XLIST title in the upper right hand corner inside the course section will only display the section name as well. And the section title is always ‘Cross Listed Section Group’.