What exactly is an "application pack" versus a "service pack"?

It’s a dot .

Vista 3 is a version. Vista 4 is a version.

Then, in Vista 4 comes a dot. So, you get Vista 4.x

The .x is an application pack (by this vendor’s definition). So Vista 4.1 is Version 4, Application Pack 1.

And Vista 4.1.2 is Version 4, Application Pack 1, Service Pack 2.

Vista 4.2 is Version 4, Applicaton Pack 2.

I think this is supposed to be user friendly. I found it confusing at first but I guess I’m catching on.

Would you like to voice a friendlier way to version one’s product?

2 thoughts on “What exactly is an "application pack" versus a "service pack"?

  1. When WebCT was WebCT, they had version and point releases, so you’d have CE 3.8 or CE 4.1. However, when they went to Vista, they always referred to the SPs as the third digit (aka 3.0.5). I don’t think many of the customers caught on to this as I usually saw them write 3.5 instead. 😦
    You didn’t mention hotfixes for the not used fourth digit!

  2. Ez,
    Ha! …hotfixes have been really messy. I’ve seen things like and now, with version 4, I’m seeing a hotfix identified by BUILD(!) such as the one released June 6th for 4.0.3 called Build

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