AppPak2 More Section Search Options: But did they get it right?

Here’s the screen cap (squished a little):

 When I ran my first query looking for all the cross-listed children with our prepended term code for summer, I was bitterly disappointed.

My query asked for all sections where the parent sourcedID contains “XLS.”

That was wrong. But it took my caffeine deprived-mind and two colleagues to point out to me that such a query should rightfully return the parent sections themselves. My returns were “Cross Listed Section Group,” which are the Sections into which the children cross-listed sections enrollments (such as HIST-20100 and AFAM-20200) are rolled up into.

It turns out only the parent sections would even have their ‘parent section sourcedId’ fields populated. The children sections only have fields for sourcedIds.

But in the end, Blackboard did create a way to construct a query for child sections which are cross-listed. Just check for True with the field at the very end of this list, the “Cross-Listed” field!



Oh, and the green checkmarks in the screen capture? I saved this query with those fields set to display. It’s better than having to check which information you want to display every time.