Blogging inspiration …

They say you need to keep writing and keep posting. I’m totally inspirationless today however. Let me just put my ToDo List out there and maybe you can pick a topic out of it. Is my ToDo List anything like yours?

  • Finish writing Master Regression Test Plan to be executed after any major system change. (So far I’ve got tests for Chat, JVM Performance, Database Garbage Collection, Batch integration, and Real-time integration).
  • Of the two students we hired to manually move Vista3 courses to Vista4, one has taken another full time job. Insists he wants to keep doing this part-time gig as a moonlighter. In the meantime, guess who is doing the backfill?
  • Defining, in committee, a process for piloting functionality to integrate with course management. Horizon Wimba was piloted last semester, modeling the process we’re tweaking which defines responsibilities during a pilot and what gathered metrics may mean for a go/no go decision into full implementation.
  • Working with Faculty, ie, Support Tickets. I’ve got one today on JAWS reader software. A distance learner with a visual disability is having trouble with theirs and Vista 4. Don’t know their JAWS version yet. Can’t find anything relevant on Behind the Blackboard.
  • Ongoing: Provisioning the system. We have some ‘courses’ which are not integrated with our SIS. I try to farm out managing these enrollments to whoever requests them, but the support tickets requesting access come to us if it’s not done, so… 
  • CMS Evaluation Project. I mentioned that a couple of posts ago.