User Manager Settings / User Fields Shared with SCT Banner/ in Vista 4.x

When I heard of the addition of a Roster tool which allows individuals to upload their photos and choose whether to display them only to Instructors or to everyone in classes with them (Public), I had the devil of a time finding how to turn this on! The User Manager! Now why was I searching through Administrative,Utilities,Settings?!

Then today a colleague out in Colorado asked me about adding a custom column with an additional user ID to an SCT Banner extract for the purpose of sharing the non-SSN replacement ID between Banner and Vista. I knew I’d seen mapping to that somewhere before.

What Banner outputs in an icgorldi_xxxxxx.xml extract contains records of person data like this:

<source>Colorado State University</source>
<userid useridtype = “Logon ID” password = “XXXX”>tunited</userid>
<userid useridtype = “SCTID” password = “XXXX”>8201006XX</userid>
<userid useridtype = “Email ID”>tunited</userid>

The SOURCE ID from Banner maps to a field in Vista called REMOTE_USERID.

The Logon ID from Banner maps to the field in Vista called UserID.

We can now be select what displays by default when an Administrator does a query for a userid (the Logon ID from the Banner import). This is a huge improvement because the log of an enrollment import or real-time event only references the SOURCEID/REMOTE_USERID.  In the past I’ve had to login to the Banner or Vista database using PL/SQL developer and query for the sourceid/remote_userid in order to find the event in the logs to see where a failure occurred.

So, changing these settings is done in the User Manager (4.1.1. and 4.1.2, I can confirm), clicking the “Manage Columns” button in the upper right hand corner gets you this screen which you can drill into as necessary.