Installing Service Pack 2

We upgraded to Service Pack 2 from Vista 4.1.1 Hotfix 62790, the DST hotfix.

It went in to our development and preproduction environments well enough. Of course it wiped out our Luminis integration settings. Oh, and don’t forget to catch this one: it changes the default value back to “Display Long Version” which is the course title such as, “Introduction to Biomolecular Engineering” instead of  “ENGN-30500-01”.

Yes, it does fix the Assignment Dropbox group deletion error as tested here on our Linux app servers with Oracle 10g database.

I’m not certain we can run all summer without our garbage collection process working. It hasn’t completed successfully once since we stood up any of our environments (Development,Preprod, Prod).

Now the question is whether we will be joining the Early Availability Program for App Pak 2…

2 thoughts on “Installing Service Pack 2

  1. One of the 4.2 beta’s had luminis spelled as luminus in the config file. Is that what happened to you?

  2. Nope. This was our upgrade from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2
    The luminis settings are ALWAYS wiped out when upgrading. We’ve experienced this from Vista 3 on…

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