Did Notre Dame go live on May 1st?

No. But we will on May 2nd.

Vista 4.1.1 was ready. But our management and Steering Committee weren’t entirely convinced we were ready for it.

And rightly so. We spent more time on due diligence. We contacted some of you. Purdue and Texas A&M: I love you!

I liked the comment by Edward Berner of Yosemite Community College District, “Aborting a launch after the engines have fired is tricky business..: )”

And we now have a better idea of what’s ahead of us this summer. We know what issues are important to our Faculty and we know which of them will be fixed in Vista 4.1.2 (SP2); and which ones must be fixed ASAP. We’re counting on Application Pak 2 (AP2) bringing us up to Vista 4.2 by summer’s end.

I have a great team of people who I’m going to rally tomorrow. Our support effort has been on the right track all along, but we’ll make it even better. I have some ideas already. One piece of data we’ll get one way or another, by interview if we have to, is which Instructors are using which tools. That way, if an issue with a particular tool comes up, we’ll be able to proactively notify that set of Instructors about it.

On our list already of proactive notifications is the one about correct answers to questions displaying by default whether faculty choose that option or not. They need to know about that when designing their quizzes.