More on that ICGORLDI xml import…

I said 30 hours…that was at last count. It eventually ran over 3 days(!) before all sections showed up in the UI and according to the SQL query we were doing. We watched the count slowly increment until it reached the full 2600 we knew were included in our original import.

We know now why.

We were assigning default content from a default section -identified in institutional admin settings- which contained the student-orientation module from the Bb site. So that meant that our 7-8mg file import was also causing section creations of about 1mg. So the import siapi process itself finished as it ran through the xml, but it had created background jobs (new to Vista4) for each of the section assignments. The sections were not created until the content assignment job finished.

For production we’ve removed the student orientation module from the default content we assign… I think if we remove Node A from the load balancer pool and have it handle only siapi and section processing, and if we give ourselves enough time at the beginning of each semester to load (and make visible) the learning hierarchy for that semester, then we might go back to it.

It was a good idea.