License renewal error on Vista 4.1.1

I had a similar problem installing a Vista 4.1.1 hotfix, and that is, in a cluster, the installation has to be run on the admin box and on each application node instance. The admin machine is missing certain *.dtd files in the /serverconf directory which exist on each managed node. The hotfix installer back then, and in this case, running the  ./ script located in the /WebCTDomain directory, throws up an error message. 

I didn’t log a support ticket with Bb this time utilizing a screen cap of the error -usually, in the interest of process improvement, I do- I just copied the file over from an application node. I was kind of wondering if I would run into a chain of errors and have to move past them by copying files over one by one, but that didn’t happen.

I am puzzled… why should a license renewal cause you to have to start a vncserver and launch a GUI -based installer? Seems a little intense for swapping out a license file.