Boston. My Community of Practice (COP)

Shameless plug for this get-together at the BbWorld’07 Conference site. (July 10-12):

Panel: The Vista SWAT Community of Practice (COP)
Bob Boufford, Team Lead, e-Learning Support, University of Alberta
Bill Evans, Manager, CSU, Chico
Jane Himmel, Associate Director, Center for Distributed Learning, UNT
Michael E. Scheuermann, Director – Online Learning, Drexel University

More than two years ago, the Vista SWAT Community of Practice (COP) sprang up out of a grass-roots movement by Vista institutions to collaborate on best practices and troubleshoot challenges in Vista deployment, management, instructional design, user support and training. Today, more than 300 participants subscribe to Vista SWAT programs fworld-wide. Learn how participants benefit from online meetings and collaboration, and learn more about Vista SWAT surveys, institutional profiles and recommendations to Blackboard support.

Topics: Communities

Hope to see you there!