Another rough day in the race to ‘go-live’

ugh… I can’t believe some of the things you uncover in ‘testing.’ Just trying to set up the different roles … Instructor with Summer 2007 course section, Instructor with several sections (to combine), Instructor with cross-list, students in all those…

So, turns out others had been testing in our preproduction environment in preparation for the Banner 7.4 release we’ll be going to in June. That meant there were real-time events in the queue ahead of the ICGORODM real-time events we were sending to enroll those people in Vista.

But those events wouldn’t have ever got there, even after that queue emptied out, ’cause turns out in our Vista 4.1.1 cluster that somehow the JMS integrationserver had migrated to NodeB..while the Luminis adapter (with which we do siapi imports) remained on Node A… and why the default values set in the Weblogic Console are “migratable” I don’t know. There was no reason for that JMS server to migrate. So, I went in and changed everything to do with integration (ejb_siapirouters.jar, ejb_integration…jar, and one other, if memory serves) from “WebCTManagedNodeA (migratable)” to plain ole “WebCTManagedNodeA.”

Ah well… tomorrow’s another day.