Make the Unsupported Browser warning go away

I can personally vouch that the method posted on Bb Support today to get rid of nag messages for browser versions you’ve checked at your institution -works. We’ve done it here at Notre Dame for the past 2 years on Vista 3. It was especially important when Firefox gained popularity and proved to be a stable browser long before WebCT had finished their validation. On Vista 4, once you change the browserchecker.xml file, you don’t even have to restart your application servers.

Here’s from Bb’s support bulletin (Chris Geiger, if you’re reading… I hope this helps):

The browser checker uses an XML configuration file to determine the list of supported browsers and Java Runtime Environments. Update the following file on your application servers to ‘support’ the application generating the warning. We suggest institutions advise users of any known issues with any application versions added to the browser checker as the lack of a compatibility warning may lead users to believe that their application version(s) should function correctly and may lead to further help desk calls.


For example, the 1.5.x series of Sun JRE releases are supported via the following entries:

<version version=’1.5.x’ supported=”true”>
<description>Sun Java Version 1.5</description>
<version version=’1.5.0_02′ supported=”false”>
<description>Sun Java Version 1.5.0_02</description>

Note also the exception for 1.5.0_02, due to known issues with that version. To support all releases in the 1.6.0 tree, add the following entries:

<version version=’1.6.x’ supported=”true”>
<description>Sun Java Version 1.6</description>

On CE6/Vista 4 these changes can be triggered to take effect immediately without a server restart:

Login as server admin
Go to Utilities – Settings – Browser Checker
Place a check in the ‘Reload the Browser Checker configuration file’ check box
Click ‘Save Values’ to apply the changes