Not Quite Ready…. errata

Turns out I misunderstood. CR117906 and CR120463 are not the same.

CR117906 deals with student names. Grades show in the grade book after the student is un-enrolled from a course.  This has been fixed in AP2 so when a student is un-enrolled from a course the names and grades are hidden.

The “baddy” from the view of former WebCT CE’ers is CR120463, which deals with an unenrolled student’s grades continuing to be utilized in GradeBook statistic calculations.  This issue is specific to GradeBook stats.  Our TSM says this will be fixed in some as yet unknown future version of Vista 4.  I will keep you posted on that as soon as Bb tells us which release it will be included in. …  wouldn’t it be a nice feature if these were posted on Behind the Blackboard?