Not Quite Ready for Prime Time: Gradebook Stats are back

In WebCT Campus Edition (CE) Instructors could display to students their running position in the class curve. That feature was not part of Vista 3. In Vista 4 it’s back! Before the drum rolls begin…

Vista 4 retains student data after the student Drops the class. Sweet! Essential really. I’m so glad Bb did this. So when the student Adds the class back, the student gets reconnected with any prior work they’ve done. (Think about cross-listed sections, dropping one and adding another. Or how ’bout combined sections, where they drop a section and add another at a more convenient time?)

Not so good is that the student data hanging around from previously completed assignments and quizzes taints the statistics Instructors and Students are able to generate/see comparing Students’ standing in the course.

Notre Dame reported this in ticket #454392. Bb has two tickets confirming the defect, CR117906 and CR120463, and have promised to let us know when this will be addressed.