Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT)

Purdue hosted their 11th annual TLT conference last week. It is FREE. And GOOD. I always come back with a renewed sense of where all this educational technology is going. I love the Faculty presentations of specific use of technology (including course management systems) in their courses. I love the introductions to relatively new technology areas. And this year, I absolutely needed to talk to Louis Scott, Donalee Attardo and John Campbell on our respective institutions’ migrations from Bb Vista 3 to Bb Vista 4…

Purdue will go live this fall. Notre Dame goes live May 1st (less than a mere month away!) Frankly, it makes me a little nervous to be out in front of Purdue this time. They are big; we are small. I’d much prefer to avoid the gotchas by hearing them from Purdue first!

Our ND gang at Purdue: Jason Railton, Chris Clark, Terri Bays, and me.