Firefox Extension for Ask Dr. C Search Engine

The WebCT “Ask Dr. C” forum/knowledgebase is still alive and well. And I still use it frequently before responding to questions I’m asked.

Nowadays my preferred browser is Firefox (especially for administrative tasks in Blackboard Vista because of the ‘stop script’ feature). So I installed Henk Schotel’s Firefox extension (last updated 11/2006) which searches Ask Dr. C for me, much as a Google toolbar would perform a websearch. To get it, use Firefox to navigate here and click on the Ask Dr C link to install it. It works great!

One thought on “Firefox Extension for Ask Dr. C Search Engine

  1. Much of what I see about Blackboard and WebCT and similar, speaks from the faculty perspective: open fire hose, pour information at and onto students. I’m not an advocate of lecture-by-Pixar info-tainment, but where is the student perspective? Other than animations and simulations, what are students saying and wanting and needing from online course content? What do faculty want and need to deliver what the customer, er students want and need?
    ~~~ Dan 0;-D
    doctoral student
    Information Technology Education

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