Adding More than Two Managed Servers

In Vista 4.1.1, adding more than 2 managed servers can’t be done at initial install. You could probably do it like I did in Vista 3 when we grew to need a third node, but I did something fairly unusual these days- I read the documentation.

I have to say there’s nothing I’ve come across quite as abysmally documented as Vista 4. There’s a section on Adding Managed Nodes that tells you of a script ‘serverConfig’ and says to run it on the Admin machine. That’s it. Later you find out you should’ve ran the regular install script on the new node first, and you’ll need the Admin node actually up in order to run the serverConfig script. When I ran it, I also found some dtd files the script was looking for were missing from the admin node -so I copied them over from one of the already existing nodes.