The mess I got myself into

Ugh! This goes on my list of utterly utterly stupid things I’ve done.

I’m in the middle of a support ticket with Blackboard right now concerning our Vista 4.1.1 new install.

Here’s what I did:

Installed cluster. Configured LDAP over 636. Tested LDAP with user I created and had assigned to the LDAP authentication source. Everything worked fine.

Installed the commercial security certs sent to me by our Load Balancer Admin (We use the BigIP F5 2400). Went out to Equifax’s site and got the root CA. Pointed Weblogic to the new files.

Huh. Unexpectedly it broke LDAP authentication. Troubleshooting begins…

So… I remembered in Vista 3 that the Weblogic paths to the files had to be absolute. Changed those (the new install guide said to use relative paths ./userdir – WRONG).

Well…maybe it’s because I haven’t created an Authentication Mapping yet. Maybe these are interrelated. Create mapping… but, oh, I don’t have any imported users yet. No matter (some of you have already started screaming), I’ll set the WebCT sourcedid.source to use my NDLDAP auth.